REconnect – workshop at Emergent Berlin festival

PsihoArt Lab presents: workshop REconnect within Emergent Berlin & Wedding festival

From 15 till 16:30 on September 12

Are you curious, open minded; like to explore and play? Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck in a loop? Did you lost contact with yourself and with others? Have a need to express your potential and creativity? Are you interested for inner journey and personal development? If some of the answers were YES, come, come!:)

Dealing with our feelings, need for intimacy and connection, personal and spiritual development – is something which is often neglected in consumerism oriented, fast pace world. In the machinery of rules, political agendas, competitions and greed, humaneness has been lost. We live fragmented lives – disconnected from our feelings, from our true self; disconnected from others; from the nature, from the Mother Earth, from the Universe… In order to bring balance back, we should reconnect with all these aspects.
Workshop REconnect is rather a small presentation of the broader project PsihoArt Lab. PsihoArt Lab is a space for personal development through the expressive arts leading to a better contact with our true selves and meaningful connections with others. More about the approach and methodology, you can check here. Leader of the workshop: Milena Ćuk, psychologist and life coach.

What can you expect in the workshop? Firstly, we will create our intimate space where we all feel safe to explore, express and share. I will prepare interesting exercises and you… just come with open hearts and minds! We will work in a small group, so please confirm your participation on until September 11, and don’t hesitate to write if you have any questions related to the workshop!

Workshop is free of charge and it will last for 90 minutes.

Where: Gerichtstrasse, Berlin-Wedding on September 12.

Emergent Berlin (Sept 12 & 13) is a summer festival of urban sustainable culture. The whole Festival is organized by volunteers – an open network of people around the Baumhaus project, from the Wedding neighborhood and from Berlin. Official page of the festival you can check here.


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