Search for the Hidden#2: Magical Beings of the Silence

Creative retreat at Stražilovo (Fruška gora)
12 – 19h
Confirm your participation until Nov, 24, the latest!

Description of the event:
Discover magical beings of silence inside and outside of you through movement, drawings and sounds. Join us in discovering Stražilovo in totally different and unique way, in pleasant and creative atmosphere. Create and discover your magical inner world through all the senses. In the same time, connect with nature, yourself and others.

Goals of the event:
• Better contact with ourselves, others and nature
• Socializing, playing, joint creating
• Discovering Fruška gora and Stražilovo in a unique way

Our package includes:
Creative-psychological program//indoor, outdoor
Assistance with transport (if you are not coming with the car)
Snacks and joint lunch
Working material
Language of the event: Serbian and/or English, it depends on the group.
More info at FB event. Instructions related to application on:

Search for the hidden is a collaborative and author project by Milena Stanojević, theater director and actress and Milena Ćuk, psychologist. Within the project, workshops and retreats are organized in nature, mostly at different locations on the mountain of Fruška gora, Serbia. Goal of the events is connecting and reconnecting with ourselves, others and nature. During events, we are practicing exercises based on imagination, improvisation, sensory labyrinth theater and expressive arts therapy.

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