Obscura Day: Search for the Hidden

Join us on Obscura Day (April 16th) in the forest of Fruska Gora as we invoke Deer-people, touched and guided by the Forest Spirit, and embrace their wisdom with our ability to listen, to observe, to imagine, to perform and to dance. As the legend tells it, they will find you if you let them.

This event is one of 150 throuout 35 states and 25 countries, all on a single day, and all designed to celebrate the world’s most curious and awe-inspiring places.

Legends and stories about mystical beings and wonders have been surrounding the forest of Fruska Gora for centuries. This unique, wondrous and curious place, with a rich cultural-historical legacy and countless rare examples of plant and animal life, has been proclaimed a national nature park since 1960.

For all explorers and fantasy lovers, this magical adventure will be a unique opportunity to dive into the search for the hidden and to connect with all the aspects that the deer symbolizes – grace, tenderness, compassion, peace, power… and to enjoy the beauty and mystery of Fruska Gora.

Your guides in this journey will be Milena Ćuk and Milena Stanojević, authors of the project Search for the Hidden.

RSVP required–please register here.

Space is limited, so sign up soon! Instructions for meet-up will follow – make sure to register with a valid email.
If you have some questions, you can send a message or reach us at: potragazaskrivenim@fruskac.net

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