Currently I live in Novi Sad, Serbia where I meet with clients face to face for individual consultations and where I have been conducting majority of the workshops and training sessions. I also practice online consultations via Skype so don’t hesitate to contact me regardless of your place of residence.

As a free lancer, I am mobile and have been sharing my knowledge and skills in different cities in Serbia and abroad in collaboration with different local partners. So far I have been collaborating with Center for Development of Electronic Arts and Culture Elektrana (Novi Sad); Center for Support of Women (Kikinda); Vojvodinian Roma Center for Democracy (Novi Sad); Studio Sigeti (Novi Sad); Baumhaus (Berlin); Studio BlinkBlink (Berlin); Center for Youth KVART (Prijedor). Want to host my workshop in your city or arrange a collaboration? Contact me!

For announcements of the incoming psychological-creative workshops, training sessions and retreats in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Fruška Gora mountain and Berlin, you can follow this website and Licni razvoj (meaning: Personal Development) Facebook page.

You can reach me on kontakt(at) for inquiries related to individual sessions, current activities, arranging a collaboration and other information related to my work.