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In the last years, I became particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches and innovative methodologies in the education, therapy and research. The most concrete product of the exploration in this sense are the workshops that I run.

Whether I call them Psychological-creative workshops or PsihoArt Lab – they represent a space for personal development through the expressive arts leading to a better contact with our true selves and meaningful connections with others. Usually, I organize them in cooperation with a local partner. In some cases, as an experienced trainer,  I am invited to lead workshops in the ongoing project.

In the workshops, participants are guided through different exercises involving improvisation, imagination and play to create using expressive arts techniques such as: colors, drawings, collage, photo, music, movement, drama, writings and so on. Permeating factor of the each session/workshop is encouraging participants to reflect thoughts, feelings and other inner experiences on the process of the work and created products where the knowledge, tips and interventions coming from psychology and psychotherapy are used.

Benefit of this interdisciplinary approach is in: making participants to be in better contact with themselves and with others; enhancing understanding of their psychological needs, obstacles and inner potentials through the process of creating and dialogue; making them more responsive and emphatic towards others. It also contributes in enhancing creativity, spontaneity and playfulness.

Workshops are dedicated to all people who want to work on their personal development – who are ready to explore and better understand themselves, to face with suppressed contents and blockades, but also to reveal and affirm the strength they already carry inside. Here, the very expression is important and what meaning participant/creator gives to it.

What others have said about the workshops:

Mina, October 24, 2014.
“Milena has been accepting us with our endless demons. She would patiently, using fantastic techniques, lead us step by step through analysis of our states including collecting affirmations which would finally bring desired change. I have worked the most on my fear. I still refer to many dialogues, drawings and visualizations from the workshops which helped me to better understand my fear and reduce its influence. I believe that the key for the success of these workshops has been incredibly pleasant atmosphere Milena managed to create which has been crucial for confidence and openings without fear.”

Lauren, September 20, 2015: “Thank you so much for leading the workshop. It was such a great experience for me and I’m really glad I took part. I found it useful both in terms of thinking about my own life and what I want it to be like and things that hold me back and what changes I can make. And also to share, connect and hear about other peoples lives. I would love to attend another one.”

Presentation of the workshops – selection

Search for the Hidden

Search for the Hidden is a collaborative project by Milena Ćuk, psychologist and Milena Stanojević, performing artist. Within the project, workshops and retreats are organized at different locations on the mountain of Fruška gora. Goal of the events is connecting and reconnecting with ourselves, others and nature. During events, we are practicing exercises based on imagination, improvisation, sensory labyrinth theater and expressive arts therapy.

Search for the Hidden # 1 – Promo workshop held in Kamenički park (Fruška gora) on October 3rd, 2015. Photo: Tina Solar.

Photo gallery on FB page.

Search for the Hidden # 2: A magical Beings of the Silence – a workshop held on November 28th, 2015 at Stražilovo (Fruška gora). Photo: Tina Solar

Photo gallery on FB page.

Obscura Day – Search for the Hidden: Inspired by a deer and symbolism of this wonderful being, we discovered and experienced Forest Spirit with our ability to listen, observe, imagine, perform and dance. Our event, held on April 16th, 2016 at Fruška Gora has been one of 165 curious and awe-inspiring events curated in more than 30 states and 25 countries around the world. Obscura Day, hosted by Atlas Obscura, is a celebration of wonder and discovery, and is designed to make explorers out of everyone.

Reflection of the Soul

Art therapy based workshop held in Belgrade in Gavez club on November 15th, 2015.

Photo gallery on FB page.

A poster of myself in collage

Art therapy based workshop held in Studio BlinkBlink, Berlin on September 19th, 2015.

REconnect – Emergent Berlin&Wedding Festival

September 12th, 2015. Workshop held within Emergent festival which was about sustainable urban culture and life styles in the Berlin’s neighborhood in expansion – Wedding.

PsihoArt Lab Novi Sad

Four workshops held in the period March – April 2015. Studio Sigeti, Novi Sad. Photo: Monika Sigeti

With the Little Help of my Right Brain

October 1, 2014. Studio Sigeti, Novi Sad. Photo: Monika Sigeti

Manage Your Anger using Clay

October 10, 2014. Studio Sigeti. Photo: Monika Sigeti

Me and my Mask

November 30, 2014. Studio Sigeti, Novi Sad. Photo: Monika Sigeti

New Year’s Resolutions in Collage

December 21, 2014. Studio Sigeti, Novi Sad. Photo: Monika Sigeti

Workshops with Roma students

More than 15 workshops held within Romaversitas program in the period 2011 – 2015. Implemented by Vojvodinian Roma Center for Democracy, funded by Roma Education Fund.

A participatory approach has been applied in the sense that students participated in the process of choosing topics for the workshops. It has been confirmed that students are interested in working on their personal development meaning to strengthen their self-esteem, to improve emotional literacy, communication skills etc.

Besides working on everyday issues and typical challenges students are facing, some of the topics that we covered have been: Skills of assertive communication; New Year’s resolutions and plans for the next year; How other people see me and how I see myself; Public performance; On the crossroad – decision making; Fear, anxiety and jitters;  Partner relationships; How to deal with procrastination etc.

Psychological-Creative Workshops

Workshops held in the period February – June 2014 in Studio Sigeti, Novi Sad. Photo: Monika Sigeti

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Peace camp Kozarac

Guest trainer at the fifth regional peace camp Kozarac; July 4th  – 10th, 2014.
Location: Mrakovica, Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Goal of the camp has been raising awareness about the consequences of the war and participation in the reconciliation process through meeting up and connection of young activists from the region.

As a psychologist, my role in this camp has been to help participants to work through difficult feelings aroused after facing facts related to the atrocities in the war in Bosnia and possible retraumatisation of the participants.

Youth in Action Training courses

A trainer in Youth in Action training courses (EU program for non-formal education in the field of youth; from 2014 named Erasmus +) for international groups of youth organized by Elektrana. Titles of the projects had been: ”Hey rocks and stones I provoke you all to break” (May 2013); “Remote Youth Voices” (November 2013); and “Level up Your Video Game” (May 2014).